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Share Knowledge to Grow

Almost every part of world from ancient time, we are always encouraged to share knowledge with others. In this age of internet and faster information system, importance of sharing it has grown even more. Lets have a look over some of the aspects that help us understand importance of same.

Advantages of sharing knowledge

Reducing dependency :

In any environment, we first thrive to understand and learn new things. After some time we become veteran in our field. We also develop lot of new things and gradually dependency for such work grows over us. Gradually as dependency increases, same starts becoming burden as then person alone need to take care of all such things. In order to prevent such scenario it is always suggested to share knowledge by training others or by creating descriptive documentation.

The more one shares, the lighter and independent one can live.

Elevate yourself :

The moment you train other to handle your responsibility, you elevate yourself to handle even greater responsibility.

A true leader creates leader and not followers. On other side, only if you are able to create leaders, you will be able to elevate yourself to be even better leader.

Increase mutual respect

When one spreads knowledge around, people will start respecting him/her and, it is also important to respect other person for whatever s/he is, as only then one will be able to share knowledge unconditionally. This way, knowingly or unknowingly mutual respect with others will increase.

Enhances same knowledge while sharing :

While sharing knowledge, one’s understanding for same will get even clearer and long lasting.

Improve inter-communication skills

Communication skill is very important for growth, and sharing knowledge will help sharpen communication skills whether it is presentation skills or documentation skills.

Improves self-confidence

When a person shares knowledge and see that others are accepting it, one gains more confident of same knowledge. This deeply helps you grow your self-confidence.

A feeling of satisfaction for helping society

We as responsible global citizen have a feeling of doing something for others and the society. When a person see that his/her knowledge is helping others, society and world, a deep eternal satisfaction is experienced.

Keeps mind fresh, active and healthy

The mind of person who shares knowledge is always active and engaged in improvising way to share same. This helps a person to live even better and healthier life.

Increased area of influence

Knowingly or unknowingly, the area of influence of such person keeps on increasing. This helps person take bigger and stronger steps when needed.

Wrong Myths

Better growth by keeping knowledge to only self

Those who keep knowledge to only self, thinking dependency will increase their opportunity to growth, will ultimately stop their own growth as then they cannot be freed from their current responsibility. One can only be promoted when someone else is ready to take one’s current responsibility.

Others will surpass if shared knowledge with them

As explained above, if one shares knowledge, people will start respecting and would want such people to grow as such people are capable to catalyze overall growth of their environment. And in case, if someone surpass, grows more than you on base of your knowledge, it would be a matter of joy. By this, even at lower level, such person’s respect will grow at greater levels ultimately helping you grow in future.

Fear of getting wrong

Many have fear that if they share something and if that proves to be wrong. While sharing knowledge, person will face many questions and at times, might need to correct self. All these will ultimately help individual improve self knowledge and communication skills(by handling such scenarios).

Conclusion :

From ancient time to modern time, importance of sharing knowledge will always remain. This is equivalent to theory of evolution wherein, if one shares knowledge, one is continuously evolving and growing self, and the moment one stops spreading knowledge, one has stopped evolving, rather degrading self.

So keep spreading knowledge and keep making our world a better place. 🙂

Lead as tongue does

Tongue is very well known for its responsibility of identifying taste and producing various sounds, enabling possibility to communicate. There are lot more things which it also does, for which it is hardly being credited for. Let us try to look upon such things which it is silently taking care as a responsible leader.

Tongue as a colleague

Tongue works in its working environment along with many other colleagues. These include hard colleagues like teeth and jaw while also include very sensitive colleagues like gums, saliva glands, etc. They all work in sync. Tongue is most flexible in all and remains in contact with each one of them without any bias.

Tongue as manager

Chewing is one of the most complex processes that tongue executes, though it is hardly ever given enough credit for it. Tongue itself cannot chew but it takes help of all its colleagues to make such an important process possible. It places food under respective tooth at right time, along with allowing saliva gland to secret necessary amount of saliva. Meanwhile, it checks if food is chewed properly, if yes, sends it further down, or else places it back under respective tooth. During this, it also plays role of security guard to make sure unacceptable things are restricted entry as well as raises alert and prevents any harm to other organs. To add to it, many a times during chewing, it is used for communication. After chewing process is finished, it inspects each and every corner of mouth and cleans it. It is excellent example of how leader can handle multiple responsibilities in a process by doing right thing at right time.

Caring nature of Tongue

Tongue takes very due care of each colleague closely. If any organ is hurt or needs attention, it immediately reaches first, does primary evaluation, alerts brain and starts acting to cure it. If anything new enters mouth to which tongue is not used to, it will take very due care that other organs are not hurt due to it. Try to brush with wrong hand and see how tongue behaves.

During all this process,  at times, tongue also gets injured by other organs. But still it keeps on putting best efforts without taking much consideration of getting hurt. It always keeps the team spirit high, irrespective of its own condition.


Tongue is one of the very important organs in our body which is already acting as leader without worrying about appreciation. It enjoys its environment and does best of all that it has, keeping harmony among all. In same way, we also need to start enjoying life, by enjoying our work, spread joy and harmony to all in surrounding and doing best of whatever we have in present.

So which quality of Tongue would you like to follow in your life??? 🙂

How big selfish are you?

Selfishness is a quality, gifted by nature, in each living being that drives each one of us to sustain and live a better life. But then it depends on us how big selfish we are.

I would like to be a bigger selfish person. And I would also encourage everyone to be even bigger selfish than they are now. The bigger selfish we will be, the better world it will be.

But how to become a bigger selfish person? Nature has blessed each one of us to be selfish to think for our individual needs. To those at this stage, I would encourage them to grow their selfishness to include family. Include benefit of your parents, spouse, children and all relatives in your own selfish circle. Later expand this circle to include your friends, colleagues and each individual who is helping you directly or indirectly to lead a better life. Make this circle stronger and let it prosper mutually. This will not only make you stronger, but also will help you face difficulties of life bravely. In order to make it stronger, we need to help others become bigger selfish than they are.

Once we have made our selfish circle stronger, time is to get it bigger and now be selfish for society/area in which we are living. It is very important to act for betterment of place we are living in. Use this nature’s gift to improve our area and don’t let any wrong thing develop or affect our area. Just like our selfishness resist anything hurting us, grow it to resist anything that is hurting our area. The more such bigger selfish people exists, the better and easier it would be to improve our area. Our area is like our home. It is up to us to decide how bigger selfish we would like to be. As our selfish circle gets bigger, our area(home) also expands from house, to colony, to street, to city, to state, to country, to world and to universe.

We might find people who want to misuse such a gift in name of caste, religion, region, country and what not, for their personal gains. Beware of such smaller selfish people, don’t let their smaller selfish thought process shrink your selfishness.

On other side, there are bigger selfish people who are working very hard with dedication for better world. We should try to support such people. While supporting them, we will help our world and also help our selfishness get bigger.

At what level of selfishness are you now and to what level would you like to grow your selfishness?? 🙂

Today during lunch I had talk with Øyvind Hauge and some other colleagues about 3D technologies and its working. Øyvind discussed about the 4D technology movie he saw in some studio. In such technology the theatre had moving chairs, wind blowing in some directions, water splashing etc. Its interesting to experience such technology.

But then I thought of the technology that can be used with time as 4th dimension. I wonder if anyhow it would be possible to make brain work faster than normal working. The effect would be like the dream (inception movie) in which we experience a long time in short time.

Many a times we do experience such things ourselves. We get sleep and we see a dream in which it seems we have spent whole day but then when we get up we find it was just 5 minutes sleep. This means, our brain has capability of working at greater speed and process lot of things than we think it can while we are conscious. We need the way to make brain work faster than its normal timing.

There can be very good advantages if such technology is found and implemented. We can save lot of time. Then 3 hour movie can be enjoyed in shorter time(say 30 min), saving lot of time.

It can bring a big change to education field. We can design theory lectures to tobe shown in shorter span. Like information that needs 1 hour lecture can be provided in 15 minutes. This can help students to get much more information in less time and give more time to practical working or learn more contents. This may also help increase the efficiency of students while reading as the processing speed of brain will be increased.

It would be like implementing the concept of Inception movie in real life. But here the person is not dreaming, but using the same capability of brain(while it is dreaming) in real life. 3d technology is based on making brain process different images(that are provided by showing different image to each eye) separately. And it creates such a nice effect that one can see the same images with better depth. Similarly if we can make brain process faster somehow, we can achieve similar effect.

I’m not sure if it is possible now but it can affect human life to greater extent, if not being an instrument of dream(as shown in inception), at least by being just the spectator.

Tonight I had a strange dream.

I feel that normally when I’m dreaming, I’m a bit aware of truth and check its possibility in real life. So when some thing strange happens, I try to evolve it and if I feel it is not possible, I can make out that it is dream and so come out of it or check it again consciously then. This is the reason why I become aware during dreaming. But tonight’s dream was new experience for me.

Tonight in dream I saw myself doing some activity along with some group. I was leading the group and something like finding something. While doing so I realized that world is gonna end soon. I was very much confident about its end. I was saying this to all. I was mentally very much prepared for it and trying to be calm as much as possible. When I woke up, I was still mentally in same impression. Then I realized that world is not gonna end, it was a dream.

When I was in dream, completely confident about end of world, I felt myself and my thoughts during such conditions, which I did not felt before. Its difficult to explain such feeling in words for me. I was not worried of anything then. I was trying to calm myself and even others. I was watching the things happening and accepting them to be part of nature. I wanted to do more vipassana. . And when I woke up knowing that world is not gonna end, I did not overjoyed it, it was rather a simple acceptance of truth that it was dream and that’s it.

I wrote a mail as attached below to request railway authority to consider e-copy of train tickets instead of keeping paper copy mandatory. They took consideration of my request. More details can be found at ERS/VRM.

Thanks for considering my request “www.irctc.com”and I hope more and more organizations try to take a postive step to save our home, the Earth,,, 🙂


————–Copy of mail I had sent————————————-
From: Jitendra Goswami <goswami_jitendra@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 6:43 AM
Subject: Suggestion for alternative to paper etickets
To: care@irctc.co.in, etickets@irctc.co.in, mr@rb.railnet.gov.in, msrm@rb.railnet.gov.in, msrb@rb.railnet.gov.in, crb@rb.railnet.gov.in, supporter.services.in@greenpeace.org, envisect@nic.in

Dear Dignities,

Today the world is trying to protect the environment. It is responsibility of all of us to take steps in such direction and prove that India is actively trying to take all possible steps to save environment.

In present system, each one of us are carrying a print-out on paper for irctc tickets. If we consider the amount of paper being used just for this etickets, it is a vey huge amount. We can save many trees if we find a better alternative to paper tickets. I request you to find some other alternative that can solve the purpose of etickets as well as save paper. Till, I can understand, ultimate goal of paper ticket is to verify that correct person is travelling. In order to check the identity, we are using authorized identity proof which is expected to be with traveller. We can practice the same with some alternatives to paper tickets as below:

1. mTicket: We can use sms, from authorised sender, as alternative for paper tickets. In this case, on irctc, option for “Get mticket by SMS” should be provided. Ticket Checker(TC) can use this sms to verify the person. This will be the best option if possible to implement.
2. SoftTicket: Using irctc, customers are getting emails on their registered email id.
a. One option is considering this mail, from authorised sender(like irctc), as valid proof. Customers can show this mail to TC from mobile or laptop and hence will save paper.
b. Irctc can also provide pdf version of ticket which can be shown through mobile or laptop.

There can be many such system where alternative to paper is possible and can be implemented. I request you to actively find possible alternatives to paper print-outs in all organization and implement them.

I request you to take consideration of my above suggestion and see if it can be implemented to help our only home, the Earth.

Jitendra Goswami


I believe in power of truth. A person, who is true, understands truth, supports truth and has confidence, can fulfill any task. This also includes the tasks which may be defined as impossible by others.

I took admission for Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering in DDIT, Nadiad. This college is known for its strictness and discipline. When I joined I heard that it was very difficult to take any initiative to start new activity, specially the activities other than studies. As a believer of discipline, I liked it and supported it.

After my 10+2, I was interested to join defense organization. I decided to join NCC. But there was no NCC in our college. I spoke to my friends about my wish to have NCC in our college and so came to know that there are many who are interested in joining NCC. I talked to faculty working as students representative about starting NCC in our college and he agreed to help me and assigned another faculty who was NCC cadet in his graduation named Jasmin Panchal. He asked me to create an application for starting NCC, signed by all the students interested to join. I did accordingly and more than 60 students signed for joining NCC which was a respectable figure.

Now I went to battalion near to my college asking for permission to start NCC in our college. The Commanding Officer of that battalion told that as we are from technical background we should join technical wing of NCC headquartered to place about 20km away from our college. I went there and explained the officer that we want to start NCC in our college. At first, he straight away said no with the reason that students staying within a kilometer are not regular so how can we who are staying 20 km away be regular. I tried to explain him about my interest in joining Defense organization and showed the list of students interested to join them. After talk of about an hour, I was able to convince him to help us start NCC in our college.
Now the most important task was of convincing our Vice Chancellor to start NCC in our college. Our faculty representative went with our application to him and he agreed to allow us to start NCC in our college. Then I, with help of my faculty and friends, completed all the formalities needed to start NCC with both college and finally NCC was started in our college.

Today, after 2005, it is still running in my college and NCC cadets are used for escorting during national days and other important days.

DDIT, Nadiad
DDIT, Nadiad

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